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Gift-wrapped and ready to go, this box of 5 Provence soaps includes our best-selling selection of scents in this 150gram size.  Each rectangular bar is made with enriching vegetable oils, (shea butter, almond, olive and palm oils) and no animal or petroleum products.  The bars make a luxurious lather and are double, triple milled making them very hard and long-lasting.  They are beneficial for all skin types, including dry and sensitive skin, face and body.  The 5 scents are Milk (fresh & light), Lemongrass (our most popular), Honeysuckle, Lavender and Verbena.  As they 'hold' their scent to the bitter (often unattractive) end, we advise customers to put small leftover pieces of the soaps in their clothing drawers to keep the lovely scents going to good use.

Gift Box of Provence Soaps

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