About  Us

BedHeaders Home, the retail store, was founded with the basic principle that bringing beauty, quality and good design into tools and surroundings of daily life makes for a happier and more fulfilling existence. We are dedicated to this idea and it guides all that we offer our customers. While we focus on household staples: dishware, glassware, serveware, towels, bed linens, sleepwear, soaps and scents in many forms, leather goods, occasional furniture, fine stationary and books....we go wherever the basic idea of products for better living leads us.

Most home-related stores ascribe to a similar goal of offering life-enhancing products.  The difference is in the choosing of what to offer. In the case of BedHeaders Home, our 'specialty' is in our consistency of presenting the best quality merchandise at reasonable prices. Best quality for us is design integrity, visual beauty, actual utility and good 'taste' both in style and food!  We don't confine our selections to any particular style, like traditional or contemporary or rustic or formal.....but rather, to the excellent....in whatever style. Shown here and on our Home page are some product types typically sold at the store. 

History -------------------------------------------

'BedHeaders' was established in the Spring of 1993. We started as a home store focusing on the creation and installation of custom bed hangings, (materials that were draped over the 'heads' of beds, hence the name 'BedHeaders'). The store moved and evolved into a retail, broad scale home furnishings and gift store serving Great Falls, Virginia and surrounding Washington DC area communities - amending our name to BedHeaders Home. Products offered varied near daily, but always with the common characteristic of  life enhancement.

You may search widely on your own, but when you find offerings at BedHeaders Home, you can be sure they have value and will add happiness to the lives they touch. We are the icing on the cake.