Vintage Cocktails is the chic volume devoted to the lost art of mixing the perfect drink with flair and panache. With just a few ingredients, a splash of finesse, and the right pour, this is the only book every fashionable host, aspiring mixologist or seasoned cocktail aficionado needs in his or her bar.

Not to be confused for the classic cocktail, the vintage cocktail conjures enchanting recollections of an earlier time of lacquered bars, crystal tumblers, and old Hollywood glamour. Many of the cocktails featured appeared in secret during the years of Prohibition, when going to a bar had the same sophistication of attending a private club, adding to the selections allure. Wherever the origin, the history of each refined concoction is rich and varied. Whether you're fond of a classic Martini or perhaps are longing to sample the fashionable Bradshaw, whatever your pleasure, Vintage Cocktails is a book that is certain to delight your palette. With over 60 stylish recipes, complemented by vibrantly elegant photographs, you are sure to discover your favorite drink.

The photos of each concoction were taken at The Carlyle Hotel’s legendary Bemelmans Bar, one of our favorite places to have a great drink.


This BedHeaders Home's favorite drink recipe book* because it has -

  • classic, wide ranging recipes
  • oversized, easy to read, lists that look they’re written by hand in crayon
  • beautiful illustrations from Bemmelman's Bar
  • spiral binding that lets the book lay flat to be able to read while you’re working on mixing
  • waterproof cover that won’t get ruined if some liquid spills on it

Vintage Cocktails

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