All MarieBelle chocolate products are handmade from the highest quality single origin cacao resulting in rich complex flavors not commonly found in chocolate. They choose only the finest selection of Criollo cacao beans from all over the world. What the fine Arabica bean is to coffee, the even finer and rarer Criollo bean is to chocolate. Criollo cacao makes up less than 10% of worldwide chocolate production, and as such, is highly sought after by connoisseurs. Chocolate made from Criollo beans has a distinct reddish color, and an equally distinctive complex taste, which can include flavors of caramel, nuts, vanilla and tobacco. MarieBelle's soft and rich hand-shaped dark chocolate truffles are flavored with champagne and rolled in pure cacao. Offered in a large elegant MarieBelle New York embossed snakeskin leather box.

MarieBelle New York 20-Piece Hand Rolled Champagne Truffles